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Rates/fees are flexible and can be changed without notice.
Renting restrictions: NO pets; NO smoking; NO restricted drugs.
No noisy parties and/or outdoor music anywhere on the property.

Mallory Hill:
2 Bedroom Winterized Cottage Full Season = 12 Months $8400.00;
plus propane gas; $100/month hydro and drilled water included.

Short Term (less than 1 year) = $800/month

2 Bedroom Winterized Cottage
Full season = 12 months $8400.00;
plus propane gas; $100/month hydro and drilled water included.

Short Term (less than 1 year) = $800/month

Wee Bush: 1 Bedroom Summer Cabin
Full Season = 6 Months $3300.00; $50 hydro and drilled water included; partial kitchen; twin beds; (see bdrm #4 on BBCanada.com)

Lakeview: 1 Bedroom Summer Cabin
Full Season = 6 Months $3600.00; $100 hydro and drilled water included; full kitchen; double bed; (see bdrm #5 on BBCanada.com)

The Gazebo can be reserved (first come, first served) for peaceful, relaxing gatherings. Sorry no open camp fires and/or BBQ.

Marina Fricke, Sculptress and Landscape Design

Marina was born in Latvia, spent her early years in several countries of Europe and emigrated to Canada in 1950, raised her family (four children). She started her new art 33 years ago.

Marina combined her artistic talents with her precise observance of animal anatomy and behavior to sculpture and paint domestic and wild animals. Early recognition came when she was asked to illustrate at well-known horse shows in Germany.

In Canada, enrolled at the Dundas Valley School of Art, she studied sculpture following the traditional route of modeling nudes and doing relief work. Breaking away from the traditional, Marina started to create her very-own-unique art form in the early Seventies.

She developed a technique best described as Look and Search --> and I will find the missing link of natural stone to complete the creations which was left for her to find and to present them for now and future generations. Marina's special talent is to find the individual part and/or component in quarries, on beaches and mountains, worldwide, to complete images which are already imprinted in her mind. After exhibiting in some smaller shows Marina received the ''most original new artist award presented by Pauline McGibbon in September of 1976.

Her creations became more and more sophisticated resulting in presentation by professional art galleries. Her Sculptures have been collected by serious collectors from Canada, the United States, Europe and Africa. Since moving to Lake-of-Bays (near Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada, she has converted her property to the now often visited oasis of tranquility and peace which she has named in honour of her late husband : ANGEL PATH.

This small path towards serenity and reflections has become the centre-point of attractions to visitors from all continents of our troubled globe to find peace and rest while seeking the beauty of Nature, Mind and Spirit in all directions of human understanding.

Now follow us along the ANGEL PATH when I try to describe to you, the tired traveler, Marina's creations. From the front of the property, facing south you probably see the WEATHER VANE high above our rustic settler's garage flanked by DOLPHINES created from driftwood collected in local rivers and lakes.

To the right one sees the workshop and surrounding displays of 'not quiet finished pieces' which wait for the 'missing-link' (yet to be found). The starting point of our virtual visitation:

- Along the marked signs (topped by angels of steele from artists of the Sub-Continent of India) one sees immediately the first very detailed headstone of an Angel (observe it very carefully) which points towards the "pond". A little onwards one sees a mighty RAM who guides us towards a Bench of relaxation. Take a rest and let your mind and eyes wander along the border of the pond and the horizon:

The Hippo
Frog's Castle
Duck and Duckling
The Martian
  • The HIPPO, found on the shores of Lake Superior
  • The Frog's Castle designed from Muskoka Red Granite.
  • Mother Duck and Duckling, also found on the shores of Lake Superior
  • The Martian, created as a present for Roma, Marina's daughter
  • The Early Earthlings who just left the amphibian stage of early evolution
  • The Pegasus, created from Driftwood, storms across the lawn towards the firmament and horizon in the direction of the 'friendship station' The GAZEBO, our summer dining room and evening porch

- Follow the path, through our small forest, full of migrating birds one may see a 'chipmunk' and / or (occasionally ) deer, and bear one will find yet another driftwood creation high in the sky; A bat and/or bird shares the trees. A mighty Thunderbird sculpture guards the Monument placed in honor of Charles Fricke, senior, who guided us in finding peace in dignity while passing.

-Take a rest in our GAZEBO, especially after a long-day's hike in Algonquin Park and enjoy the evening Sunset. While you rest, let your eyes wander around in all directions. One sees huge Rocks broken loose from the Canadian Shield, others placed like the GIANTS protecting our property and you while you relax and, possibly meditate finding truth of life.

-Continue along the perimeter, along the fence one will enter shortly the MAPLEWOOD forest, aptly named 'Raccoon Alley' for our wild companion during early hour walks, You might even have observed a Ground Hog and /or deer and or moose over the horizon.

-Along the path though the woods one will see soon the absolute prime display of Marina's Art. around the STONE TABLE.

We call this display "MEMORY and REFLECTIONS".

The Gazebo
Forest Perimeter
  • Too may individual creations could be mentioned. Each one has a symbolic meaning, each one to be appreciated by the observer in their own minds. Marina prefers not to impose her thoughts on the visitor and guest who has honored her and her creations by having taken the time to come and see.

- The visitor may follow the little child (shown above) along the path in reverse order.

Many completed items throughout Marina's Gallery of Rock Creations are displayed, to be found by an appreciative Collector: For detailed description, cost, and delivery/shipping contact us by E-mail info@maplewood-bb.ca

Marina's gigantic "Rock Displays", Home and Workshop in Hillside, on Highway # 60 leading from Huntsville towards Algonquin Park is unmistakably observed by every one traveling east 13 km from Huntsville.

Our B & B guests, and you the traveler, pay close attention. Two giant glacier age boulders protect our property: Cottages and Home and Workshop to the extreme right. When you look closely one sees ' a "Mushroom" and "Mushroom-Group" near our reception sign. Should you be a guest you will see the lounge and studio.

If, however you wish to see Marina's Outdoor gallery follow us from here. The Major Garden displays of rocks which we collected personally in quarries and rivers and road construction sites follow us now;

  • "Sea-lions": collected from own property and near by road cut
  • "Octonarian couple" collected and assembled from Niagara escarpment
  • "Giant Elephant" collected and assembled from Niagara escarpment
  • Several "glacier groups" placed around home, collected from local quarries. Several "prehistoric people" collected from northern shore lines
  • In front of the workshop 'several creations-progress' waiting for the missing component: a mighty Loon, a Turtle, yet another Angel, and others
  • Inside the workshop yet again many nearly completed displays awaiting the touch of completion
  • All around the workshop and throughout the property collections of rocks from many places: these components may be the 'missing part' of future joy
  • If you wish to follow the Angel path follow the signs. Otherwise wander around the Home and hidden under the mighty blue spruce the "Temple Cat" or a massive "Spider" an "ice man" many pieces of "Driftwood"
  • Many 'Glacier Groups' and other creations scattered throughout the Garden and forest areas surrounding all Cottages and Cabins.
  • Eventually you might locate our "Stone Table" in the forest which is the centre piece of our place of "Memory & Reflections".
  • Rest here, (please no smoking anywhere) and do not bring your pets on the property. Relax and have a good trip home.

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